Hentaied 2024 04 21 Social Score 296 Josephine Jackson Kelly Collins Kira Queen Bella Spark

1 month ago




Bella Spark is heading to get a new social score, and as she slowly steps towards her evaluation, Bella can’t shake a feeling of dread. Once she’s there at Sabina’s desk, she finds out all the information. Her new social score is 296. Sadly, a lot of her rights are revoked, in fact, she can wear no clothes, she has no right to consent, those above her on the social ladder can do whatever they want with her and no one would bat an eye. Her friend Kelly Collins has suffered the same fate. The two of them are completely naked in their room, getting further instructions from Sabina, who tells them to comply with any and all orders they get if they want to do better. Soon enough, a pair of females appear in their room. They look somewhat different, like hybrids of humans and aliens, and they demand the girls follow their commands. They instruct Kelly and Bella to go on top of the bed, where they’re going to suck their big, black alien cocks. They have to do it, but what they did not expect is just how much alien cum these cocks are able to squirt out. Their mouths fill with thick gooey semen, and they haven’t even been fucked. But once they do, the two petite blondes are going to get stuffed by those alien dicks and so much jizz their bellies will cumflate.

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