Hentaied 2024 06 02 Blobbed Scarlet Skies

2 weeks ago




Scarlet Skies is on the phone with her mom, informing her of a man she recently met. He made her feel uneasy, and that there’s something important he has to say but only over the phone. She’s advised to be smart about the whole thing before ending the call. And then, right as she was sleeping, in the middle of the night, the phone rings. Scarlet picks up the call, and the only words she hears from that man are “Goodbye”. She hears some rumbling under the bed and bends down to check it out. Right there is some sort of a monster, it latches on the redhead beauty and sucks her inside of itself. Scarlet then wakes up, entangled in tentacles, naked, inside the monster. It holds her tight while tentacle cocks crawl towards her pussy. She yells no, but no one can hear her. Instead, her pussy starts getting drilled by the tentacle. Scarlet is filled with alien cum, even by a facehugger tentacle. The more she’s pleased by the alien tentacles, the more she grows fond of them, eventually begging for more semen because she can’t get enough.

Scarlet Skies