Hentaied 2024 03 27 Tentaclement Lexi Lore

3 months ago




Lexi Lore was eagerly visiting a new fertility clinic in sunny California, hoping it would fulfil her dreams of becoming a mother. She undresses and then patiently waits on the examination table for the doctor to arrive. Suddenly, to her surprise, she felt something slithering under the table. Before she could react, tentacles emerged and began to wrap themselves around her feet and legs, immobilizing her. Immediately, one of the tentacles starts rubbing and then penetrating her tight pussy. At first, she is scared, but soon her fears are replaced with a different feeling: pleasure. With each thrust, she is driven closer and closer to the climax and finally, she has an intense orgasm while one of the tentacles give her a massive creampie…

Lexi Lore

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