[Hentaied] Chloe Surreal Some Me-time

4 weeks ago




After a hectic week, Chloe Surreal finally has a peaceful evening to herself. She is laying in the bed, when she hears a strange noise coming from beneath her. However, when she checks, there’s nothing under the bed. She shrugs it off and since she is feeling horny, she decides to please herself. She gets comfortable and starts fingering her pussy while touching her huge boobs. As Chloe is giving herself to pleasure, two tentacles slowly emerge from under her bed. Before she can react, they wrap around her limbs, making her unable to escape…. More tentacles appear and start penetrating her wet pussy and mouth. She can feel slimy alien semen filling her, causing her belly to swell in a cumflation. The alien monster is mercilessly fucking her until she is left on the bed with a satisfied smile on her face…

Chloe Surreal

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