Hentaied - The Grip Of Darkness - 2024.07.01

2 weeks ago




Shelena wakes up in the hospital bed to a scene right out of a nightmare movie. Everything around her is darker than usual, and she feels something crawling over her body. A pair of tentacles start restraining her before the doctor barges in, and they disappear. He makes Shelena reassured that it’s all a bad dream, her imagination, and nothing else. But is it? Just a few moments later as she was certain that it’s all gone, Shelena gets snapped out of her sense of security by the doctor’s screams. The tentacles are very much real, and they have taken care of the doc, so Shelena can be peacefully examined. They finally get a grip on her hands and legs and restrain her to the hospital bed. Thankfully she’s not wearing much, so the tentacles rush inside her pussy. She’s filled with tentacle cum shortly after, dripping out of her slit, before her clothes are taken off and she’s turned over on the hospital bed by the tentacles. Now she gets two, one in her pussy and another one down her throat. As they serve another double creampie, Shelena grows fond of the tentacles. No longer do they have to restrain her, she’s willingly allowing them to explore her body and pleasure her in the process.


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