Isabella De Laa & Freddy Gong Maid Gets Paid To Fuck! My Dirty Maid

3 months ago

My Dirty Maid
My Dirty Maid

My Dirty Maid


Nothing better than having a maid coming by and helping me clean around the house. This time around they sent the most beautiful young blonde with a perfect ass and amazing long legs. First I let her clean my pace a little and just chat with her. Once she gets more comfortable I offer her some extra cash so she can clean with her lingerie. After some hesitation, she agrees. But, watching her clean with lingerie is not enough for me. So, I offer her some more cash so she can do it in the nude. She turns me down a few times but seeing how much more money she would be getting she goes for it. Once she started cleaning, I couldn’t resist and pull out my big cock, she was shocked at what she saw. I offer her more cash to get down and suck on it. She is taken back but everyone has the right price. Just like that, I fucked my maid all over the house and she even takes it up the ass. This is one maid to never forget.

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