[My Dirty Maid] Maid For Fantasy

3 months ago

My Dirty Maid
My Dirty Maid

My Dirty Maid


So my fantasy has always been to call a maid over, get her to clean naked, and fuck her like in those videos. When Briseida came over to clean I just had to go for it. She was nice and fit and I offered her a few extra dollars to clean in her panties. She was down as long as I promised to keep it between us. I found out how much she makes in a week, and I said I would give her four times as much to clean completely naked. She agreed. Her body was so tempting and her asshole looked so pretty. Everything else was going to plan so I decided to just go for it. I pulled my dick out and offered her all the cash I had if she would just stroke it for me. I think she was flattered that I was going so hard for her that she agreed. But she did the craziest thing, while touching it she put it in her mouth. My fantasy was becoming reality. She never had a bbc before and I’m realizing we are both fulfilling each others desires at this point. I fuck her pussy, but then I think her tight asshole would be the ultimate. I asked and she received. Her tight little pretty asshole gripped my dick for dear life as I pounded it until I couldn’t hold it anymore and came on her face. I told her she can come back and clean tomorrow if she wants, hell she can move in.

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