Sami in Miami (4k) My Dirty Maid

3 weeks ago

My Dirty Maid
My Dirty Maid

My Dirty Maid


Sami came over to clean my place. When I saw her tiddies all I could think was wow. She seemed really shy but, but one thing I know will get people out of their shell is money. I had to see what Sami was working with. I offered her Seven hundred dollars to clean naked. She was reluctant at first, but I assured her that was all she had to do. I told her I would not tell a soul. She eventually agreed and got naked. She started moving around cleaning naked and that sexy body had me bricked up. It was about all I could take. I pulled my dick out and began to fap. Sami caught me and asked if I wanted her to leave. I told her I was sorry and if she would please let me finish to her hot body. She then caught me off guard when she asked me if she could help. I said sure, and she came over and sucked my dick so eloquently at first, then like a sloppy slut. I fucked her all over the living room knocking the bottom out of her pussy. She just cleaned the floors so she let me cum in her mouth and did not spill a drop. Sami is welcome to come clean every week.

Gi Joey

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