Parasited 2024 04 05 Twist Of Fate At The Throttle Thirst TavernXXX 720p MP4 WRB

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Hailey Rose is cleaning up her grandma’s old biker bar that has been abandoned for 10 years. Her friend Xwife Karen is here as well to help but the two of them will quickly find nothing but trouble. One of the cardboard boxes was a home for the alien parasite worm, and the moment Hailey picks up the box, the worm wiggles out of it and sneakily goes up her legs, and crawls inside her pussy. Hailey starts spasming as the parasite takes control of her body, it changes her from the inside while she’s uncontrollably shaking on the floor and oozing transparent fluid out of the vagina and mouth. Her friend Karen is hysterical, she tries to call 911 for help but she runs out of service and is left to deal with the situation all by herself. Soon Hailey stops spasming, she doesn’t even move so Kren decides to try CPR. While she’s assisting her friend, Hailey suddenly grabs her head and transfers the parasite over to Karen. Soon the both of them are turned into a couple of horny, mind-controlled harlots who are secreting transparent slime from their orifices. Once the transformation is complete, Hailey, as the first one to get transformed, initiates the first move and dives straight into Karen’s pussy with her tongue. From her initial fear and confusion, Karen becomes the one who is even more aroused than Hailey. She growls and groans like a wild animal as Karen is licking her pussy, and screams for more as they’re scissoring each other. And to imagine that their party at the biker bar is far from over.

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